People often ask me where the idea for Freakling┬ácame from. Like all story ideas, it came from everywhere. Little pieces and parts of things I’ve seen, done, heard, read about, and thought about are woven into Taemon’s world.

Initially, the idea came from a writers group that I attended several years ago. During one particular meeting, we were reading a piece written by another member. My feedback was that I found the scene difficult to visualize. I felt like I needed a few more clues about where the characters were, who was present, and how they were situated in relation to one another.

After the meeting, the writer spoke to me and said that she had heard that most people visualize stories as they read, as if seeing a movie, but that she never had. She told me that when she reads, she hears voices and noises in her head, but she never actually pictures anything.

I was floored! I thought everybody visualized things as they read. I thought about this for months. Was this some kind of reading disability? How might an inability to visualize affect other kinds of tasks? Would there be a society in which it would be impossible to function if you were unable to visualize something that hadn’t happened yet?

That’s when the idea of a society based on psychokinesis came to me. In the months that followed, I let my imagination run with this. What would the rules be? How would psychokinetic ability affect education, religion, economics, politics, and on and on. A plot started forming in my mind. I liked the idea of a person who, in our world would be normal, but would be handicapped in this society.

The rest was a matter of choosing a character, developing the plot, and refining all of it until I had something cohesive.

Oh and, then I had to write it.