remember what it feels like to be a kidWriting for children is all about finding the kid inside you. Remember how you felt trying to figure out how to make your brother stop teasing you? Or how worrisome it was to see your mother cry? Or the pure joy of riding your bike for the first time? If you want to write for children, think about those things. Write about those things. Those emotions will find their way into your writing.


Choose one (or more) of the following questions to write about. Use the five senses to include as many details as you can remember. Write a paragraph or a page, whatever comes to mind.

  1. Write about the naughtiest thing you ever did. Were you caught? What were the consequences?
  2. Did you ever have a relative live with you? Was it fun or annoying or both?
  3. Who were your favorite cousins? What events stand out about them?
  4. Who was you favorite teacher? Why? Who was the worst teacher you ever had? Why?
  5. Did you have a special lovie? What was it? A blanket, a stuffed animal? Do you remember the texture? The smell? What ever happened to it?
  6. Write about the first family car that you can remember.
  7. Write about the most unusual family vacation you can remember.
  8. What do you remember about your elementary school? Can you draw a map of the playground?
  9. What did you and your siblings quarrel about most? Who usually won?
  10. Write about a time you felt misunderstood as a child.
  11. What do you remember about your experiences with Santa Claus? How did you find out the truth?
  12. How did you celebrate Fourth of July when you were a child? Halloween? Thanksgiving? Easter? Is there a holiday experience that stands out in your memory?
  13. Write about the most eccentric neighbor from your childhood. What seemed strange to you about him or her?
  14. Write about the style of clothing you wore when you were a child or a teenager. Did your mother ever make you wear something you hated? Did you ever insist on wearing something that your mother hated?
  15. How was your hair cut or styled when you were a child? Did you ever have a really bad haircut?
  16. What games did you play at recess or with the neighborhood children?
  17. Which of your mother’s meals was your favorite when you were a child? What foods did you hate?
  18. Did you bring a lunch to school or buy a hot lunch? Did you have a lunchbox? What did it look like? What was the cafeteria food like?
  19. Who were your best friends? Why? Who did you dislike? Why?
  20. What worried you most as a child?


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