I love to visit schools and talk with students. Throughout my life, books have inspired me, taught me about myself, and tutored me in empathy for others. I love having an opportunity to share a little of that joy with others.

On Kim Norman’s Author School Visits By State site, I’m listed under Virginia, but I’m willing to travel. If you’re interested in scheduling an author visit, please email me at lanamk(at)gmail(dot)com and we’ll make it happen!

Of course I’m always happy to talk about my books and my writing journey, but I’ve addressed many other topics as well. I always include some interactive elements in my presentations. Writing workshops are even more interactive and provide time and coaching for participants to do their own writing. I’m game for just about any set-up and any topic. Here’s a sampling of past presentations and workshops:

Presentations on the Writing Process

Character Motivation: Who wants what and why can’t they get it?

How to Think Like a Writer

How to Survive a Plot Collapse

Turning an Idea into a Story

The Gift of Fantasy

Writing Workshops (for kids or adults):

Science Fiction Idea Lab

Worldbuilding with Fictional Maps

DIY Mysteries

Dazzling Dialogue

Go with the Flow: Finding Your Narrative Flow