The Basics of Psi – The Psi Chronicles take place in a society where everyone has psychokinetic powers called psi (pronounced like the word “sigh”). These mental powers allow them to move and manipulate objects without physical touch. When I began to imagine a whole society that uses psi, I knew it would have to have rules and limitations, and that required a great deal of research and thought. Most of these rules come up in the plot, some more subtly than others. Here they are, spelled out for the saavy reader (that’s you).

Map of Deliverance – A reader drew this fantastic map of the City of Deliverance, which is the setting for The Psi Chronicles.

Freakling Origins – One of the most FAQs at my author visits is “Where did you get the idea for Freakling?” Like all story ideas, it came from everywhere. Little pieces and parts of things I’ve seen, done, heard, read about, and thought about are woven into Taemon’s world. But here’s where I explain how that all came together.