The authorial adventures of Lana Krumwiede, author, avid reader, and board game queen from Richmond, Virginia.

        Books 1 and 2 of The Psi Chronicles are now available from Candlewick:


ARCHON (2013)

TRUE SON will be released Spring 2015. 

Praise for Freakling:

“Freakling is that perfect combination of thought-provoking and entertaining. Readers will marvel at Taemon’s world and thrill with him as he discovers his own powers, limitations—and choices. What an impressive debut for Lana Krumwiede!”   -  Margaret Peterson Haddix

“[W]ell done, unique, and emotionally satisfying…I totally bought into the world of FREAKLING. In the way that I bought the Buggers in ENDER’S GAME and Hogwarts School in HARRY POTTER and The Capitol in THE HUNGER GAMES, there was an internal logic and richness to the       world that immersed me quite fully.”  - Colleen Clayton, author of WHAT HAPPENS NEXT                    


“Lana Krumwiede combines classic story elements particularly pertinent to this age group – sibling rivalry and insider-outsider conflict – and creates a main character whose intentions are admirable, yet realistic, in this new middle grade novel.” - Jenesse Evertson, co-owner of bbgb tales for kids


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